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photo of wipes provided by add cloth wipes to my service

Organic Cloth Wipes

Adding cloth wipes to your diaper service is a great addition to your service that will save you money and provide added health benefits to you baby.

We offer two easy ways to pay for your wipes

Weekly – price $1 week

One time fee – price $65 (this covers you and your family for as long as you are using the regular diaper service)

Photo of a roll of bio liners

Bio Liners

Bio Liners are very thin sheets of fabric that kind of look like toilet paper sheets.  You lay them onto your baby’s diaper, and they act as a barrier between the cloth and your baby’s bum.
After use, they are meant to be thrown away or flushed (if your pipes/sewer system allows).

  • Even if you’re using cloth diaper safe diaper creams, you may want to use a liner to help protect your diaper from encountering any build-up from the cream.
  • Makes clean up easier.  If you’re traveling, or just out shopping, bio liners can be your best friend.  At diaper change time, simply take out the liner and dispose of it!  Less smelly stuff to carry around.
  • Helps wick away moisture, keeping your baby’s skin drier

$8 per roll  

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