Newborn cloth diaper service

Newborn cloth diaper service

Newborn cloth diaper service

Let’s be honest, you are entering a new phase of life where everything is new and scary.  But, with our  newborn cloth diaper service options, it does not have to be.  With our service we provide everything that you need to cloth diaper your baby.

  • Pail (large container that holds the pail liner)
  • Pail liner (Large reusable waterproof bag where you place all of the dirty diapers)
  • Scent disc (helps prevent any smell within the pail)
  • Wetbag (to store dirty diapers in on the go)
  • Once or twice a week delivery/laundry options

BUT, most importantly, we provide the style of cloth diaper that will work best for your family!

This is why we offer two diaper services specifically designed for newborn baby’s weighing from 2lbs – 12 lbs.

Pre folds & Covers

Pre fold diapers and covers are made up of two parts.  The first is a 100% unbleached, Organic cotton layer which is used for absorption.  The second is an outer waterproof cover that goes over the top to stop the pee from getting the baby’s cloths wet.

Not sure what a Pre fold is?  Watch this quick video

Newborn All-In-One

Newborn AIO’s are very similar in design to disposable diapers in the sense that it is all one piece.  In other words, the absorption part is stitched together with the waterproof part.  For most families, this is an easier option because there is no folding like with Pre folds.

Not sure what a AIO looks like?  Watch this quick video

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