How much does diapering a baby really cost?

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This is how we worked it all out -

This information on this page is correct as of October 20th 2020, and the research was conducted in the Twin Cites area of MN.

Before we could work out the amount saved, we had to answer a few other questions. 

Q) How many diapers will a baby use a day?

A) Most companies/websites agree that the standard answer is an average of 8 diaper changes a day over the diapering of your child.  

8 X 365 = 2920 diaper changes per year.

Q) What is the average age for toilet-training?

A) This is where it gets tricky, we have all heard the stories of 1 year old’s being potty trained and 5 year old’s still not potty trained.  But for the sake of this example, lets use information written and compiled on WebMD 

Averages today, according to a 2001 study by Schum, show baby boys in the United States give up diapers at 39 months and girls at 35 months.

Answer = 1065 days, (2 years, 11 months).

Q) How many diapers will I use on my baby through potty training?

A) 8 X 1065 = 8520

The number of diapers per day  X  number of days until potty trained  =  number of diaper changes per child.

Q) What is the cost of 8520 diapers?


Disposable diapers = $2808

According to the USA Government, the cost of using disposable diapers for your child from birth to potty trained is $2808.

However, we found that it was a little cheaper $2533.44.

 Remember, this uses an average price of disposable diapers.  To get this number we went to several Walmarts, Targets and Cubs food stores.  Since the cost of diapers depends on the size of the diaper and the number of diapers per box.  We added up the cost of all disposable diapers (using Huggies and Pampers) then we worked out the average cost per diaper. This gave us an average price of $0.29 per diaper.  

$0.29 X 8 X 7$16.24 

cost per diaper X amount of diapers a day X number of days per week = cost per week   

$16.24 X 152 =  $2468.48

cost per week X number of weeks until potty trained = cost of diapering using disposable

The RDIA (Real Diaper Industry Association) actually claims that the average baby urinates 10-12 times a day.  That would be 4015 diaper’s a year, making the cost $3395.90, not $2468.48 as in our example.

All Things Diapers = $1584

We have not increased our price since we opened in 2009 we are the only diaper service in teh USA that can say that!

We offer a wide range of pricing options, from weekly all the way to our ultimate package.

Option 1) Paying weekly,  Our diaper service does cloth in increments of ten, so as in all examples we chose to use 60 cloth. (to use cloth diapers you also need a few other things, pail, pail liner, Snappi’s, wet bag, and diaper covers.  All are included in the price of the diaper service) 60 cloth diapers a week costs $18, multiply this by 104 (number of weeks in two years).  Why not 152 (weeks in three years) like in the disposable diapers example?  This is because ATD has a two-year incentive, if your baby is not potty trained by 24 months your service is free until they are potty trained during the day, please see the two-year incentive page for more details. 

18 X 104 = $1872

cost per week X weeks in two years = cost of three years service

Option 2) Prepayed package

Buy 11 weeks get 1 Free package costs $198 (average of $16.50 a week)

198 X 8.6 = $1702.80

package price X number of 12 weeks in 2 years = cost

Buy 21 weeks get 3 Free package costs $379 (average of $15.75 a week)

$378 X 4.3 = $1625.40

package price X number of packages in 2 years = cost

Buy 44 weeks get 8 Free package costs $792 (average of 15.23 a week)

$792 X 2 = $1584

package price X number of packages in 2 years = cost

 Do Good Diapers = $3077.20

Option 1) Paying weekly

Do Good Diapers require you to purchase 13 weeks of diaper service to start at a price of $299 ($23 per week).  Then you are allowed to switch to weekly service.

If you “have your own covers and gear” then the cost of 60 cloth diapers per week cost $24 a week.

 152 – 12 x $24 = $3360

number of weeks until potty trained minus the initial sign up period X cost per week X  = cost of service using Do Good Diapers paying weekly

Option 2) Pre-pay package

13-week package costs $299 (average of $23 a week)

$299 X 11.4 = $3408.60

package price X number of 13-week packages before potty trained = cost

27-week package costs $599 (average of $22.19 a week)

$599 X 5.5 = $3294.50

package price X number of 27 week packages before potty trained = cost

52-week package costs $1099 (average of $22.19 a week)

$1099 X 2.8= $3077.2

package price X number of 52 week packages before potty trained = cost

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