2 year incentive program

The 2 year incentive is really simple  STAY WITH All Things Diapers FOR 2 YEARS AND YOUR 3 YEAR IS FREE!

Many retailers and cloth diaper delivery services make bold statements such as:

“Faster potty training”

“potty trained by 24 months”

“Baby’s will potty train earlier than in disposable diapers”

As you may have noticed All Things Diapers is a little different.  We do not want to make promises like this without backing them up.  So here it is, IF YOUR BABY IS NOT POTTY TRAINED BY THE AGE OF 24 MONTHS *, WE WILL GIVE YOU OUR SERVICE FOR FREE FOR UP TO ONE YEAR OR UNTIL YOUR BABY IS DAY TIME POTTY TRAINED.

Here is how it works.
1 – You need to be 2 months or younger when you sign up and start diaper service.
2 – You must use our service full-time** until your baby is potty trained during the day or turns 2.
3 –  Your free service may only start after you have purchased and paid for a minimum of 24 months of diaper service.

Why should you use cloth only?  When a baby reaches the age of 15 – 18 months, they begin to learn that they are the reason they are wet.  They will actually start to potty train themselves at this point.  This is a natural learning curve that does not take place with disposable diapers because the chemicals in a disposable diaper do not allow the babies to feel that they are wet.  Therefore the baby has no reason to potty train.

Why do you say daytime and not all of the time?  Some children can sleep so soundly that they wet the bed.  This can take several years for children to grow out of.

Can we use any disposable diapers?  We understand that life happens, and has its ups and downs.  And, sometimes, using a disposable diaper happens.  For the 2-year commitment, we require the majority of your diaper use to be cloth.  Minimum of 95% of your weekly allowance.

What does free service mean?  We will provide you with the average number of diapers/covers that you have used*** during your service over the last 12 months.  Free service will last for a maximum of 12 months.  For service to continue you must stay above an average of 20 cloth diapers per week.

We wash your diaper service in not included in this program.

All Things Diapers reserves the right to modify or discontinue this program at any time, without notice.

* Your free service may only start after you have purchased and paid for a minimum of 24 months of diaper service.
** Full-time cloth diaper use is considered a minimum of 95% of your weekly diaper changes.  For example, an average newborn uses 10-12 diapers a day, so 95% would be 9-11 cloth diapers used per day.
*** The average number of diapers used refers to the number of cloth diapers that we pick up to wash each week and not the number you are actually paying for each week.

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